Push Up Rack Tool

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Push Up Rack Edge 9 in 1 Body Building Exercise Fitness Tools Women Men Push-Up Display Shelves and Raisers For GYM Training Body drop shipping

Through this innovative push system, burn calories and increase your strength to guide you through your body strength and training. Premium handles, padding and non-slip.
Support plate size: 60X18X2 cm / 23.6X7.08X0.78 inches. In just 30 minutes a day, you develop muscles, build up and down your body, burn calories and lose weight.
Weight: 1200g / 2.8 lbs.
Product use: exercise the back and abdominal muscles.
Push Up is an innovative color-coded push-plate exercise system that strengthens and shapes the entire upper body (chest, shoulders, back and arms) while adapting to your overall core.
The 10-week resistance and conditioning program combines energy-pressed push-ups with intense calorie-burning aerobics, enhanced learning and basic exercise for full-body training.
Pushing the table to encode specific muscles with different working targets (blue chest, red shoulders, yellow back and green triceps), pushing up the "Plug and Push" system board with high intensity with multiple positions and angles to shape and maximize Upper body definition
Model: English version
Colour: Black
Material: ABS engineering plastic
Size: 60 * 18.5 * 2 CM
Package Contents:
1 *Pectoral muscle training equipment
2 *Silicone handle
Contains only previously packaged content, excluding other products.
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